Spokane Web Design

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We will design a clean and professional website that is mobile friendly, and is designed around furthering your company’s goals. Making sure your website highlights the products and services that your business offers, with a clear call to action. Making it quick and easy for your customers to get in contact with you, or buy online.

You let us know what type of layout and functions you want, and the content you want displayed. We then create a custom website that is optimized for local SEO and helps further your goals. We will come take pictures of your business and the products/services you offer and make sure they are displayed properly on your site. When 509 Designs builds a website for your business we use the best marketing techniques in the design process.

Where your CTA (call to action) is located on your website matters. Whats going to catch the customers eye first? Does that increase conversions and drive traffic? Building good on site link structure, and making it easy for your customers to navigate your website is important. Creating a good UX (user experience) on your website is key to increasing conversions, turning potential customers, into customers.

We follow the industry leaders in web design, online marketing, and SEO. Staying up to date on the best tools and practices to follow, so you don’t have to. Web design, SEO, and digital marketing isn’t just a job for us. Its something we are extremely passionate about and take great pride in.


Whats best for you

When creating a website, its important to make sure you are using the best platform, hosting, and tools that are right for you, and your business. We use 2 different platforms when creating websites for our customers, WordPress & Squarespace. Understanding what your goals are will help you decide whats right for you. WordPress powers 25% of all the websites online. With that said, that doesn’t mean it will be best for you. WordPress is open source  and can be more complicated to use if your not familiar with it. When using WordPress you are responsible for your own hosting, security, plugins, and updates. Squarespace is an all-in-one platform where they take care of hosting, security and updating everything. It can be a lot easier for customers to personally manage and update the content on their website after its built. There are pros and cons to both platforms. Understanding what your goals are, and what you would like to accomplish with your website will better help you decide.

How the process works

  • We will either meet in person, or over the phone. To go over what your goals are, and what your looking to achieve with your website.
  • Then we will talk about deisgn. You let us know what you would like the site to look like. Colors, theme, layout, and site content.
  • After meeting and deciding on a layout, we will start the design process. Keeping you updated along the way.
  • Once the website design is built, we will talk again to make sure you are happy with it, and adjust any changes that are needed.
  • Thats it! After you are happy with the end result, your website will go live and we will show you how you can add & update content if you choose.

If you have any questions or would like a free quote, please feel free to contact us at anytime. If you want to know more information about Local SEO and how it can help your business, check out this article here.