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509 Designs is a local company in the Spokane area started by Kevin Raverty, that is focused on helping new, and small businesses design professional, clean, mobile friendly websites, and improving their local SEO. (search engine optimization) Helping them stand out from their competition, and making sure they have all their bases covered when it comes to online marketing, branding, logo design, social media, marketing, and all the other factors that play a major roll in the success of a business, in such a digital age. Check here to see all the services we can offer to help improve your business.

Kevin Raverty

I’m a 34 year old Spokane native. I grew up in north Spokane and attended Shadle park high school. I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart for over 16 years and, have a beautiful 10 year old son together. As of right now I run 509 Designs by myself. When I’m not working I enjoy a lot of different activities, such as boating, riding motorcycles, computer gaming and spending time with my family. 

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I originally started learning web design, and SEO about 4 years ago while I was running a small youtube channel focused on 3D printing. I was very interested in how other peoples videos, and websites were showing up as the top search results for “insert keyword search here” and how to increase the quality of content I was creating. So I started doing some research on this, and down the rabbit hole I went. Since then I have been following and taking courses from some of the top SEO experts in the business like Chase Reiner and Brian Dean.  I have built multiple websites for local businesses in the spokane area in a wide range of categories. Websites for motorcycle repair shops, ecommerce, and psychology just to name a few. I also manage, and maintain some of their google my business accounts, social media accounts, as well as provide monthly SEO for them. You can check out a few of their websites linked below. Throughout this process I also got highly interested in photo, and video content, and for the past year I have been working with a large real estate company in Spokane, providing them with aerial photography, and cinematic videos for their properties. 

Some Previous Clients Websites